Accurate turbo expander model. BPT TEX™ provides design and off-design calculations of Turbo Expanders for both steady-state and dynamic models.

What is TEX™

BPT TEX™  is a  process simulator extension that deals with all aspects of Turbo Expander in Design and in Off-Design mode:

  • Expander calculation in Design and Rating (Off-design) mode
  • Compressor calculation in Design and Rating (Off-design) mode
  • Expander Inlet Guide Vane calculations
  • Expander bypass flow
  • Compressor anti-surge recycle flow

Anticipate  all  operating  cases  during  design  and know  the  capability  of your  turbo  expanders  in  operation, maximizing  plant  performance.  This knowledge is essential for gas dew pointing plants, NGL processes, LNG liquefaction and refrigeration systems. BPT TEX™ assists realistic and cost effective plant judgements in a minute.

BPT TEX™ is developed as an unit operation extension model for Petro-SIM 6 and onwards from KBC Advanced Technlogies and Aspen HYSYS V7.3 and onwards from AspenTech and supports both steady state and dynamic calculations.

Core Benefits

Reduces modelling time by 60%

The end-user will only have a single unit operation to deal with

Integral design advantage

Iterations between expander and compressor happen inside the extension, no iterations involving other parts of the Flowsheet…

Specification Requirements

Operating System
Windows 7 (64 bit) The software has been tested using Windows 7 (64 bit), but Windows 7 (32 bit) should work as well.
Process Simulator
KBC AT Petro-SIM 6 and onwards OR Aspen HYSYS V7.3 (CP2) and onwards The software has been qualified with Cumulative Patch 2 installed, but earlier installations of HYSYS V7.3 should work aswell. Minimum licenses required: HYSYS_Process
Microsoft .NET Framework
.NET Framework 3.5 SP 1 Usually installed as part of HYSYS installation.
Hardware Requirements
Intel® 1.00GHz or higher 40 GB 4 GB RAM

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