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PSX™ is a highly flexible rating model for relief valves for use with process simulators Petro-SIM® from KBC Advanced Technologies and Aspen HYSYS® from AspenTech. Both steady state and dynamic calculation modes are supported. The benefits are:
  • PSX™ provides engineers with an accurate representation of relief valve capacity inside the overall system
  • PSX™ provides improved safety study results by increasing relief valve modelling accuracy

PSX™ is more accurate than the default relief valve model because:

  1. The default model is not accurate for multiphase flow
  2. The default relief valve model input parameters are static within a simulation
  3. PSX™ uses the HEM method for base flow calculation
  4. PSX™ defaults to API 520 for all correction coefficients
  5. PSX™ eliminates the need to estimate de-rating coefficients as they are continuously updated in a Dynamic simulation

This software comes as an extension for Petro-SIM® 6 and onwards from KBC Advanced Technologies and Aspen HYSYS® v7.3 and onwards from AspenTech.

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Core Benefits

High integrity safety assessment

  • No risk of overestimating the relief system capacity under all conditions…
  • No underestimation of capacity due to conservative assumptions…

Default API Derating

  • No input beyond the basic definition of a relief valve is required to model a PSV with the default derating factors…
  • Easy to use for users not intimately familiar with relief valve design…

Detailed definition can be added

  • All details of the PSV and the derating coefficients are highly customisable…
  • Vendor information can be used to match vendor performance data and operating curves…


Specification Requirements

Windows 7 (64 bit)
The software has been tested using Windows 7 (64 bit), but Windows 7 (32 bit) should work as well.
KBC AT Petro-SIM 6 and onwards


Aspen HYSYS V7.3 (CP2) and onwards
The software has been qualified with
Cumulative Patch 2 installed, but earlier
installations of HYSYS V7.3 should also work.
Minimum licenses required: HYSYS_Process

.NET Framework 3.5 SP 1
Usually installed as part of HYSYS installation.
BPT PSX has no specific hardware requirements beyond the specifications required for running Aspen HYSYS.