BPT OLX® provides the only commercial solution connecting process simulators Petro-SIM from KBC Advanced Technologies and Aspen HYSYS® to OLGA®.

What is OLX®

OLX® enables seamless linking between the multiphase simulation software OLGA (v7.2 and onwards) from SIS (former SPT Group), and the industry standard process simulation software Petro-SIM® from KBC Advanced Technologies and HYSYS (v7.3 and onwards) from AspenTech.

Transfer of data to and from the applications is via an OPC server, developed by SIS. OLX® is therefore acting as an OPC Client Application.

Only a linked OLGA®  – HYSYS®/Petro-SIM® model provides a true image of the interactions between multiphase pipeline and topside oil and gas receiving facilities. OLX® therefore improves process design and understanding to deliver more accurate results.

OLX® allows production networks to be assessed dynamically with the results used for:

  • Production Optimisation
  • Slug Prevention
  • Safety Studies

BPT OLX® allows connectivity to multiple OLGA servers
OLX® facilitates field-wide transient optimization modelling in combination with processing facilities modelling. OLX® allows visualisation of wells, pipeline and topside operation in common trends.

For more details on this exciting new development please visit: http://www.kbcat.com/technology/bpt-olx

Core Benefits

Improved model fidelity

Improved fidelity when modeling the boundaries between multiphase pipeline flow and a process plant

Process safety systems

Process safety systems may be defined and/or assessed with improved accuracy and better overview

Re-use existing models

Existing OLGA and process simulation models may be used combined. Apply built-in features from the process simulator on the OLGA model.

Multiple wells & flowlines

Multiple wells and/or flowlines may be studied simultaneously using one interface

Dynamic Assessment

Larger production networks may be assessed dynamically for production optimisation and improved bottleneck identification studies

No iteration required

No iteration required between Flow Assurance and Process/Safety

Specification Requirements

Operating System
Windows 7 (64 bit) The software has been tested using Windows 7 (64 bit), but will work with Windows 7 (32 bit) as well.
Process Simulator
KBC Petro-SIM 6 and onwards Or Aspen HYSYS V7.3 (CP2) and onwards The software has been qualified with Cumulative Patch 2 installed, but earlier installations of HYSYS V7.3 should work as well. Minimum licenses required: HYSYS_Process HYSYS_Dynamic
Multiphase Simulator
SIS (formerly SPT Group) OLGA v7.2 and onwards Minimum licensed modules: OLGA 7 Three Phase (contains OLGA Basic and Water module)
Microsoft .NET Framework
.NET Framework 3.5 SP 1 Usually installed as part of HYSYS installation.
Hardware Requirements
No further hardware requirements required than for running OLGA and the supported process simulators; Petro-SIM and/or HYSYS.

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