Capture pipeline dynamics. LLX™ allows seamless integration with LedaFlow and process simulators.

What is LLX

BPT LLX® provides the only commercial solution connecting process simulators Petro-SIM from KBC Advanced Technologies, UniSim Design from Honeywell and Aspen HYSYS® to LedaFlow® from Kongsberg Digital.

LLX® enables seamless linking between the multiphase simulation software LedaFlow (v2.0.250 and onwards) from Kongsberg, and the industry standard process simulation software Petro-SIM® from KBC Advanced Technologies, UniSim Design from Honeywell and Aspen HYSYS from AspenTech.

Data transfer to and from the applications is via a direct connection to the LedaFlow executable. The direct connection provides the capability to bring up a variable browser in the simulator to select desired output values on the fly.

Only a linked LedaFlow®  – HYSYS®/Petro-SIM®/UniSim® model provides a true image of the interactions between multiphase pipeline and topside oil and gas receiving facilities. LLX® therefore improves process design and understanding to deliver more accurate results.

LLX® allows production networks to be assessed dynamically with the results used for:

  • Production Optimisation
  • Slug Prevention
  • Safety Studies


LLX® facilitates field-wide transient optimization modelling in combination with processing facilities modelling.

LLX® allows visualization of wells, pipeline and topside operation in common trends.

Core Benefits

Improved model fidelity

Improved fidelity when modeling the boundaries between multiphase pipeline flow and a process plant

Process safety systems

Process safety systems may be defined and/or assessed with improved accuracy and better overview

Re-use existing models

Existing LedaFlow and process simulation models may be used combined. Apply built-in features from the process simulator on the LedaFlow model.

Specification Requirements

Operating System
Windows 7 (64 bit) The software has been tested using Windows 7 (64 bit), but Windows 7 (32 bit) should work as well.
Multiphase Simulator
LedaFlow (v2.0.250 and onwards) from Kongsberg
Hardware Requirements
Intel® 1.00GHz or higher 40 GB 4 GB RAM

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