Training Courses

BPT provides training for our clients. We can either host training sessions in our own offices or at the clients offices if that is preferred. All our trainings can be customised to best match the processes you want to model.
Interlinked Simulations (OLGA / OLX / HYSYS Dynamics)
Description: Learn how to configure an OLGA model for linking to Aspen HYSYS Dynamics using BPT-OLX. Build and test a sample model of a subsea flowline linked to a process model of inlet separation facilities.

Duration: 1 day
Process Simulation with Aspen HYSYS
Description: Learn how to setup fluid packages and proper selection of thermodynamic models. Learn how to build and explore a flowsheet and retrieve common results from the simulation. Configure commonly used unit operations such as separators, heat exchangers, mixers, valves, pumps, compressors, distillation columns and more. Troubleshoot recycles and adjust operations. Learn the basic functionality of HYSYS spreadsheets. Learn how to configure and run case studies.

Duration: 3 days
Dynamic Simulation with Aspen HYSYS Dynamics
Description: Learn how to create dynamic models from steady-state models. Learn the differences between a steady-state and dynamic cases. Learn how to apply control elements such as PID controllers, safety valves and control valves. Configure strip charts. Configure sequences using Event Scheduler.

Duration: 3 days
Flare System Design with Aspen Flare System Analyzer
Description: Learn how to build and explore a Aspen Flare System Analyzer model. Model relief sources such as pressure relief valves and blowdown valves. Model components in the flare system; pipe segments and fittings, knock-out drums and flare tip. Learn how to configure scenarios. Learn to view and interpret results from simulations.

Duration: 2 days
Compressor Modelling and Simulation using BPT-CODES and Aspen HYSYS Dynamics
Description: Learn how to design centrifugal compressors using BPT-CODES. Learn how to configure single and multi-stage compressors in Aspen HYSYS Dynamics. Implement anti-surge control system. Evaluate compressor performance during upsets such as blocked inlet, blocked outlet and loss of power.

Duration: 1 day
Apps for Process Simulations™
Description: Learn how to configure and use BPTs Apps for Process Simulations™ to improve your model’s predictive capabilities and use simulation tools more effectively. Equipment rating and modeling using BPT-CODES, BPT-PSX, BPT-ROX and BPT-TEX. Reduce modeling and reporting time by use of BPT-MWF and BPT-EXT Learn about BPT-OLX for connectivity to OLGA and BPT-TSF for OPC and Excel connectivity.
Safety Valves Modelling and Simulation using BPT-PSX and Aspen HYSYS Dynamics
Description: Learn about the different PSV types, applications and limitations. Apply best practices for modeling pressure safety valves using BPT-PSX and Aspen HYSYS Dynamics. Learn how to model PSVs to account for multiphase flow using the HEM method.

Duration: 0.5 day