Process Design

Process design and verifications

BPT have extensive experience in process design support and process verifications. We use world class process simulation software and other specialized design software in our daily work. Our approach with interlinked multiphase (flow assurance) and process simulation provides us a holistic understanding of the complete system. Potential bottlenecks and/or interface issues are more easily identified, lowering project execution risk. We have project experience from all phases, from concept, FEED, detailed engineering, to start-up and later plant modifications. Typical studies are:

Process Development Assistance

Life of field simulation. Process and Utilities Flow Diagrams. Equipment sizing and evaluation +++

Compressor and Rotating Machinery

Design and life of field evaluations of rotating machinery using BPT-CODES™. Operability and safety evulations using dynamic simulations.

Turbo Expanders

Sizing and verification of turbo expander and compressor design, operation and control using BPT-TEX™.


Sizing and verification of separators and scrubbers


Sizing and verification of column designs and operation.

Control and Safety System

Verification of control loops and controller tuning. Control valve sizing. PSV sizing.

Glycol Systems

TEG/MEG regeneration and reclamation systems.

Capacity Evaluations and De-bottlenecking

Desktop studies. Planning and execution of field tests.