Modelling and Simulation

Process, fluid and flow assurance modelling and simulation

BPT offers process, flow assurance and PVT modelling. We cover a wide range of simulation tools used by operating and engineering companies.

BPT realizes that often one simulation tool alone is not able to cover all aspects that need to be assessed. Utilizing our unique blend of expertise in chemical/process engineering know-how, process simulation tools, and programming knowledge to interface proven software applications from co-operating companies, BPT improves the prediction capabilities and the quality of our results.

How is this achieved?

  • Fluid definitions and properties, wax and asphalthene predictions – Multiflash™ (KBC)
  • Compressor design and simulations – BPT-CODES
  • Water chemistry – MultiScale/MEGScale (Scale Consult)
  • Separator design and performance – MySep
  • Multiphase simulators – OLGA / LedaFlow
  • Multiphase / process simulator links – BPT-OLX / BPT-LLX
  • Process simulation – UniSim Design / HYSYS / Petro-SIM


  • Fluid definitions / PVT modelling
  • Steady state models
  • Dynamic / transient models
  • Allocation models
  • Cause and effect matrix
  • Integrated well, pipeline and processing facility models
  • Subsea processing