Customised App Development

Secure proprietary methods and make your models accessible

BPT has extensive experience developing applications that interact with process simulation  tools, third party tools and DCS systems (OPC communication). In parallel to our commercial suite, Apps for Process Simulation™ we also offer custom software development. This can range from adapting templates for existing solutions, to complete development of custom applications for your needs.

Custom Templates for BPT-EXT

BPT-EXT is an Excel® Add-in that connects process simulators (UniSim Design, Aspen HYSYS, KBC AT Petro-SIM) to Excel, with multiple simulation case handling capabilities. BPT-EXT also does post-processing of simulation data. Extracted data typically take the form of a list or a set of datasheets. Data requirements and formats are different from one Company to another, thus BPT offers a service to customize reporting templates to match your Company requirements. We can also provide training/technology transfer at the end of such a customization, to empower your own organization to make changes and updates.

Custom post-processing and methods for BPT-EXT

As a Company your needs may go further than modifying exiting templates providede. You may have the need for a tool that conceptually works exactly like BPT-EXT, but that requires different or additional post-processing of results that can only be done efficiently by updating the underlying code. BPT offers a service to add custom code to BPT-EXT to make it suit your needs while you benefit from the existing BPT-EXT framework.

Custom Applications

Secure proprietary methods for efficient use in-house, or for sharing and showcasing with external companies without revealing the actual methods. BPT offers software development services to create custom applications integrating your methods with your simulator of choice.