Overpressure Protection Webinar

BPT are delighted to announce that on Thursday 5th February over 150 participants attended our dual-time Overpressure Protection Webinar.

Following an introduction by our CEO Per Billington, the 1-hour Webinar demonstrated complex multiphase scenarios for “inadvertent valve opening” and “choke valve failure.”

The Webinar was presented by our VP Process Safety Arne Gulbraar who commented “A Webinar is an excellent format to engage with a high number of individuals and companies in a single session. We are delighted by the attendance numbers and are currently following up on dozens of requests for additional information. It seems the topic of Overpressure Protection is high on the radar for a number of global companies.”

Our CEO Per Billington added “Companies are realizing it is more important than ever in the current economic climate to “do it right” first time and avoid unnecessary and expensive modification work in later project stages. This Webinar explained how new technology and services provided by BPT can assist in improving utilization of your asset within its integrity limits without compromising plant regularity, safety or production potential.”

A recording of the Webinar is available to view here.

The presentation is available in PDF.

For further information please email us at info@bpt.no.