New Product Launch – BPT TEX™ – Modelling a Turbo Expander

BPT is excited to announce the launch of BPT TEX™ – a highly accurate Process Simulation extension that captures the behaviour of Turbo Expanders in Design and Off-Design mode.

Wim Van Wassenhove, VP Software Development, had this to say:

“One of our customers had an urgent need to include rating calculations for a Turbo Expander inside their model to study the future operation of an existing facility. BPT fast-tracked the development of this module for which other customers had also shown interest. BPT-TEX™ was successfully delivered to the customer and is now also part of the BPT Toolkit.  This accurate Turbo Expander rating and design model for HYSYS® is the first of many new tools we will be adding to the Toolkit – watch this space for even more products soon.”

Why do you need BPT TEX™?

The operational environment of a Turbo Expander changes over the life of a plant. It’s important to know how the unit will behave when planning operational changes or analysing the future operation of a plant.

A typical simulation model that combines the use of a compressor model, an expander model and some auxiliary unit operations doesn’t properly capture the response and limitations of an existing Turbo Expander.

Existing Process Simulators are not able to fully model the behaviour of expanders and do not capture at all some of the characteristics of expanders – BPT-TEX is a 100% self-contained extension that deals with all aspects of the Turbo Expander.

Detailed product information will appear on our website shortly. In the meantime, for further information on this product or any of the available tools in the BPT Toolkit please contact us directly.