KBC Advanced Technologies plc becomes official reseller of BPT OLX® Technology

KBC Advanced Technologies plc (“KBC”) and Billington Process Technology AS (“BPT”) are delighted to announce that they have today entered into a formal reseller agreement. This agreement allows KBC to promote and sell the BPT OLX® software, the only commercially available OLGA® – Petro-SIM™ integration plug-in, as part of the Petro-SIM process simulation suite of software. The BPT OLX software enables seamless integration between the OLGA multiphase flow simulator from Schlumberger and the Petro-SIM process simulation software from KBC to create integrated production models for high fidelity flow assurance and process control studies. Both Petro-SIM and OLGA use the same KBC Multiflash™ advanced PVT property thermodynamics engine resulting in a smooth and continuous integration via the BPT OLX plug-in to the Petro-SIM environment.

BPT is a leading independent supplier of software and consulting services to the hydrocarbon processing industries and has developed the BPT OLX software for Petro-SIM. BPT will provide full training and support for the BPT OLX plug-in and can also stage training for the full range of KBC industry-standard products such as Multiflash (PVT/flow assurance software), Petro-SIM (process simulation) and FEESA Maximus™ (well bore and pipeline network thermal hydraulics) via their recently expanded training and business suites near Oslo, Norway.

“We are absolutely delighted to release the OLGA integration plug-in to Petro-SIM worldwide and to support and champion KBC products and services in the Nordics,” said Per Billington, President and CEO of BPT. “We have worked closely with KBC over the years and this agreement will allow us to jointly deliver complete studies and projects using KBC products. Whilst we remain independent, BPT can now support operators, engineering companies and process design houses with a much wider range of flow assurance and process simulation tools from KBC. BPT is impressed with the vision and achievements of KBC in the upstream process simulation space and we believe the market will find KBC’s products and services innovative and differentiating.”

Managing Director of Technology at KBC, Andy Howell, commented: “The addition of the BPT OLX OLGA plug-in to our Petro-SIM product suite is excellent news for our clients and the upstream production market segments. Expanding the integration of market leading applications that share a common compositional and thermodynamic platform (Multiflash), creates a new level of field-wide simulation for optimum decision making throughout field life. This development also supports the KBC vision of an open platform where third parties can develop and integrate plug-ins that further the capability of the KBC ecosystem. We are pleased that such a reputable Nordic company has chosen the Petro-SIM platform on which to deliver.”

For further information regarding this collaboration, please contact:

KBC – answers@kbcat.com

BPT – info@bpt.no

About KBC:

KBC is a leading consultancy and software provider to the upstream and downstream hydrocarbon industries. With over 30 years of experience, KBC combines industry-leading technology with experienced engineers and operations personnel using robust methodologies to create personalised, sustainable solutions for its clients. For more information, visit www.kbcat.com.

About BPT:

Since 1998, BPT engineers have used a unique mix of theoretical and practical experience gained from 200+ offshore projects combined with the ability to turn their knowledge into practical software solutions. BPT provides independent and trusted third-party specialist consultancy services to the upstream oil and gas industry by combining experience with leading edge simulation tools. For more information, visit www.bpt.no.