“Boost Productivity by more than 30% – Release of the BPT Toolkit, comprising OLX®, PSX™, CODES™ and MWF™…”

Wim Van Wassenhove, VP Software Development at BPT said “Today we launched the BPT Toolkit – a package of software products developed to complement tools already available in Aspen HYSYS. Our Toolkit initially consists of four products: BPT – OLX – an integration product to enable linking between Aspen HYSYS Dynamics and the multi-phase simulation software OLGA – a compressor design tool called CODES, a reservoir fluid preparation and routing tool called BPT-MWF and a rigorous dynamic relief valve model tool called BPT-PSX…
We are incredibly excited – for years, HYSYS customers have been asking for more capabilities and more enhancements so they can deliver faster, more accurate results – these products represent the culmination of these requests. And these tools are only the beginning!”