Automate simulation and reporting. EXT™ is an Excel Add-in for automating simulation runs and data post-processing. EXT provides automated line sizing, vessel sizing, stream reporting and more. Tailored templates to Company standards.

What is EXT™

EXT™ is an Excel® reporting tool for steady state and dynamic models, programmed as an Excel Add-in, currently supporting the process simulators Petro-SIM® from KBC Advanced Technologies, and Aspen HYSYS® from AspenTech.

For most reports, results from a process simulation, be it steady state or dynamic, need to be transferred and treated in Excel. For a steady state simulation, this is mostly reporting of stream data and equipment operating parameters, whereas in dynamic cases, usually time series data (strip charts) are the results that are of most interest. In both cases, EXT™ provides a practical way to extract and use this information efficiently.

The steady state reporting tool extracts information from the process simulator for further treatment in Excel:

  • Information from streams and/or unit operations can be extracted. The user controls what information is extracted
  • Each row in the Excel report represents the properties of one object for a specific process simulation case
  • Data can be extracted from a single case or multiple different cases
  • The commands for controlling the extraction tool are entered as comments in a template Excel sheet allowing quick customization to fit Company standards
  • Multi-case data extraction is ideal to quickly determine equipment design conditions in a FEED study

Special reports have been created for specific purposes, such as:

  • Extract and prepare data for use in mySep separator software (www.mysep.com).
  • Line sizing report for all streams using the process simulator’s line sizing utility.
  • Hydrate formation report using the process simulator’s hydrate formation utility.

The dynamic reporting tool extracts stripchart data to Excel and creates multi-case plots:

  • Stripchart data for multiple cases can be extracted to a single Excel workbook
  • Stripcharts from multiple cases can easily be be plotted and compared in one graph

Core Benefits

Reduces report development time by 75%

The Steady State reporting tool aims at extracting a maximum amount of information from the process simulator in a more practical way, and use this information efficiently.

Efficient tools

The dynamic reporting tool for stripcharts addresses the need that often arises to compare the variables of multiple dynamic simulation runs in s single plot.<br /> The tool caters for the extraction of stripchart data from the process simulator and for the setup of one or more stripcharts as sheets in an Excel workbook.

Specification Requirements

Operating System
Windows 7 (64 bit) The software has been tested using Windows 7 (64 bit), but Windows 7 (32 bit) should work as well.
Process Simulator
Petro-SIM 6 and onwards Only required for the data extraction phase of the software use, after that a Petro-SIM license is no longer required. OR Aspen HYSYS V7.3 (CP3) and onwards The software has been qualified with Cumulative Patch 3 installed, but earlier installations of HYSYS V7.3 may also work. Minimum licenses required: HYSYS_Process Note: Aspen HYSYS license is only required for the data extraction phase of the software use. After completed extraction, a HYSYS license is no longer required.
Microsoft Excel
BPT EXT is an Excel add-in. You’ll need Excel to use it.
Microsoft .NET Framework
.NET Framework 3.5 SP 1 Usually installed as part of HYSYS installation.
Hardware Requirements
BPT EXT has no specific hardware requirements beyond the specifications required for running Excel and process simulators KBC Petro-SIM or Aspen HYSYS.

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